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A Thought: 1R: Dark, Dreary and Optimistic for the future of America


written by Jeffery Page February 18, 2017

Looking out my window I see the dark, dreary, and optimistic future of America. As the clouds help blanket and add to a dark abyss that is falling over Los Angeles this Friday evening I can’t help think of our country that I love. It is pouring rain here and it seems as if it is a metaphor for the turmoil of what has darkened this country in such divide. It never rains in Los Angeles or so they say, really all postcards do pretty much read welcome to sunny southern California. Then again we have never had a President like this before either. With that thought I really can’t help but think that this man known as Donald Trump who is our Commander and Chief, is completely and utterly insane.

When I speak of Mr. Trump I have to clarify I don’t hate him. I don’t even know him. Really overall I find him to be just an individual who was spoon fed and was never told no. He seems like he’s never even had to make himself a sandwich in his entire life, living in an alternate reality so far removed from any real life situation most Americans have to live through on a daily basis. He also seems to be the first 70 year old millennial. This alone puts him as a danger to America.  The sad part is millennials don’t scare me, yet I have noticed I do have a fear of him. Not a fear of a shadowy figure in a dark alley type of fear, more of the butterflies in your stomach fear. Kind of like being a passenger with Mr. Toad at the wheel of his wild ride hoping you make it out alive or that great feeling of falling in a nightmare. Either way, you look at it as unsettling.

Now I can’t really say that he’s going to take us for a ride off a cliff necessarily, yet I constantly have this image in my head from Dr. Strangelove just with the Great Don on the bomb. Of course that is outrageous and far from the truth.  I hope he’s not this madman everyone is portraying him to be and he’s not as ignorant of course as the way I see him to be.  However, his actions speak louder than words and so far his actions and words have just made us all believe we are right about him. Sometimes I think he might just be the worst thing since lead paint.

Let’s face it his press conferences have been childish at times, or sounding like gibberish stating facts that make less sense than the “wa wah wa wah” adults from Charlie Brown.  Seriously it’s either adjectives a kindergartener would use to describe a circus or a bunch of nonsense he says and then later says he never did. All he seems to do is make self aggrandizing statements , being so great,so smart,so something that he is not and will never be.

I again look at him and see a sad man who cares more about what people think of him then the heath of our nation. The more we learn the more we know his falsehoods,even his “great” campaign slogan was stolen . Then again history has always taken us for a loop as it repeats itself.  At one time Hitler was even considered weak. As history definitely repeats a lot more so than not. I just hope we don’t have the next Great Dictator or in Trumps case honestly the next great puppet dictator .  I am hopeful he is only a four year problem.

So rest easy, have faith, look forward. We didn’t get pushed out, this our time to make a future. This is our time to be positive to show the world what America stands for.  Time to show we overcome obstacles and truly come together to stand united. It is also time to be the person you are truly meant to be, the real problems as nation we are truly facing is not just Humpty Dumpty Trump.


Most importantly are the problems we face as a nation.  Our Healthcare System, our Education System, and our rights as all Americans to our Freedoms and our nations unity should be our main priorities. Our problems we can fix together, I am certain.  If we have healthcare we have healthy citizens for a better country, if we have education we can teach global warming and social responsibility to the youth. Teach what is truly important so they can replace those old ignorant bastards who hold us hostage to their old ways.

Do any of them still believe the earth is flat? Just saying. Last but certainly not least, the Equality and Freedom for  every American living up to what our constitution truly states. There should be no reason for anyone in the United States of America to be treated unfairly since we are “all created equal”. Now that is even a statement the President Mr. Trump should understand.

So on that note I think we all need to start understanding one another,communication is key. Not just one finger button push or a hashtag.  If you want action, take action. Just make sure that first action is an educated one. If we rebuild our nation by making it cooler to be smart again, that alone will send us headed towards a brighter future as it seems currently ignorance is the spreading trend. We are not in this predicament by chance. This was an effect caused out of ignorance,indifference,and inaction.  Good thing intelligence can be taught and can break barriers beyond belief. It is our words, our compassion, our actions, our minds that will make all the difference.

So as this rain falls I am optimistic as I know his reign will fall as well.  That is why I still look out my window upon this great city and country hopeful despite the adversity we all have to overcome. I know a little under four years seems like a long time. Good news though, as all good things come to an end so do all bad things. Stay passionate, Stay creative, Stay smart and be active in the real world America as most of these words, images and videos may just all be alternative facts now or maybe just figments of peoples imaginations. Regardless have a great evening, great weekend, as we are in this together.  – Jeffery Page

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