The Artwork of Jeffery Page
Art, Writing and Tattoos


 Even though Inspired by early animation, the ocean and stories of mythology. These influences still are prominent in his work today. Some standout books that still find their way into his art are 1984 by George Orwell, The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Moby Dick by Herman Melville. 

The Legend of Jeffery Page

Jeffery Joel Page was born in October of 1977 in Torrance California, a quiet suburb just south of Los Angeles. He grew up in a somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle causing him to have to transfer between schools every year to sometimes twice a year. Never really being able to call anywhere technically home allowing him to have an education on all types of levels. Living between different family structures and relatives gave Jeffery a very well diverse look on society, culture and civilization. This observation of life reflects upon most of Jeffery’s work.

 These observations are the reasons why some of his art is very unsettling and shows senses of a complicated individual in a different plateau of thinking. This type of upbringing caused his mind to wander aimlessly down a rabbit hole. He would spend countless hours unlocking the doors to his imagination upon paper. Drawing at a very early age it was never out of the ordinary to see Jeff as young as 3-4 using some kind of drawing object whether it be a pencil, crayon or marker it didn’t matter entertaining his siblings and others with his dreams and nightmares.

 His dreams and nightmares slowly crawled out of his mind once he went back to his town of birth. In this hole known to many Angelino’s as only the “South Bay”. Jeff started working on designs for local bands and companies while employed for a South Bay Funeral home. Doing punk fliers gave him the opportunity to fall back in love with his two favorite passions Art and Music. Designing artwork for bands like the Circle Jerks, False Alliance, Deviates, 1208, Too Rude, Lunacy, Western Waste, Greg Ginn, and more. Through out those endeavors Jeff caught the attention of Big Daddy’s Tattoo shop owner Rocco who offered him an apprenticeship to tattoo.  After a little over a year into Jeff’s apprenticeship Big Daddy’s Tattoo he would watch 3 artist leave opening the door to the wide world of tattooing for Jeff and a new chapter began. 

 In the fall of 2003, Jeffery pursued tattooing now full time at Big Daddy’s Tattoo in Harbor City, CA. He worked constantly honing his skills striving to learn more. Even while taking on a wide diverse range of tattoos he always looking to add his own tongue and cheek Tex Avery humor to his early tattoos. He would constantly have fellow friends offer some skin for some fun pun. Jeff would knock out those wacky traditional tattoos and of course black and grey fine line tattoos which were pretty much the normal daily walk-in tattoo for the area daily. He would continue working there at Big Daddy’s Tattoo and for Rocco’s other shop in Hollywood, CA called Tattoomania for the next 3 years.

 While in between tattooing he would pursue his own style of artistic endeavors like his Rorshach like Toothbrush drawings to his Tattoo style flash art showing in group art shows around the world. These would allow him to bring out other personal goals and set new standards for him. Those standards sent him to a new direction. In the summer of 2006 Jeff left Big Daddy’s Tattoo to pursue more knowledge and to work with other tattooers he felt raised the bar.

 So Mr. Page took a journey at Clay Decker’s True Tattoo in Hollywood. There Jeffery started focussing more on technical aspects of tattooing and furthering his journey into the asian arts primarily the art of Japanese paintings and tattooing. There Jeff made acquaintances and friendships with fellow artists which he carries on to this day learning other techniques he added to his arsenal of non formal art training. This can be seen in some earlier experimental paintings and tattoos of this period.

 After a change in the world Jeffery found himself working with a new full spectrum of talented artist from a different part of Los Angeles. After 5 years right smack in the middle of Hollywood Jeffery strolled down to the Fairfax District to work at Will Rise Tattoo Studio. There he worked with Norm of Graffiti fame and a handful of other great writers and tattooers . There he stayed until the summer of 2013.

  In the summer of 2013 Jeffery Page in a beautiful quiet suburb of Los Angeles created different artwork in many different mediums.  Since then Jeff has continued traveling growing as an artist doing conventions, art shows and guest spots around the world. Currently he is in works on quite a few projects. So when he is not at traveling he can be found working on group and solo shows, books, zines, commercial art, tattoos and a music endeavors. Stay tuned and watch out for the man who does not sleep. Including "the Land of Pageia”.


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