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3321 Sunset Blvd
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Jeffery Page Los Angeles Tattooer and artist. official website, book appointments, purchase artwork and schedule consultations.

Specializing in traditional, black and grey tattooing.

Coverup and reworking old tattoos available. Please contact with any questions and inquiries.






A Thought 1Z: Biting my tongue from expressing my opinion.

Jeffery Page

A Thought 1Z: On my final thought of this series title "A Thought" I feel I'm constantly speaking my mind when I should just be biting my tongue from expressing my opinions or feelings. It is not that I am a harsh man maybe just more of a callous man. It's not that I know all. I am just observant in watching human nature. I am not always right however the majority of the time it's just these observations that I have seen over and over again proving we all work mathematically on some levels. Which in most cases you can work out an equation based on any individual to have a pretty accurate hypothesis on an individuals reaction. Most of us have a structure were we are redundant day in and day out. The only time this equation is varied is when emotions and opinions become involved. Those are the variables that will interfere with any logical thinking. That is were I run into problems. When you listen to someone speak most people only want to be heard. So with that in mind I may need to go to be very vague like Warhol. I am an artist. I should only speak through my art. No more expressing my feelings, emotions or opinions through conversation. Especially via social media. Maybe this is due to our lack of communication and understanding then again maybe it's just... Me aka Jeffery Page


A Thought 1Y: It has some POP...

Jeffery Page

A Thought 1Y: It has some POP...


Through out this journey of practice I found more ideas than I could possibly imagine. It however always comes back with a little bit of POP. Yes, It has some POP in it. All of my work has some POP and some Surrealism. Throw in some thoughts and bam. Of course,  Not all of it is as gruesome as it may seem. I guess I have a dark sense of humor in this dark world. Which I think is just somewhat a defense mechanism of mine. Trying to always laugh through it all. Even in the hardest of times or the easiest we must all find the humor in life to survive. However, I also think that this reflection of the planet being dark is because of human nature itself.  So as today started of a little rocky either way you should always put the lotion on the skin and keep on truckin'. Living in this world you must adapt. If not the amount of pain that shall be felt will be ore agonizing depending how much energy you spend going against the grain. Overall our biggest pain is usually constantly being misunderstood. So without anymore explanation. I bring to you an homage to Buffalo Bill from the Silence of the Lambs "Precious is my bitch" tee shirts modeled by my lovely wife Jessica Louise.  Cheers to another day above ground. Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Page




Praise an Idol - Cueball

Jeffery Page

Praise an idol - Is just an idea of mine slowly coming together. Taking my old nickname and love for Early HIp/Hop and Rap I decided to work on a project titled Cueball - It's not all Black & White e.p.. Here is a sample.  

I hope you enjoy. Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Page aka Cueball


Praise an Idol - Cueball (Demo) Rough Cut - It's not all Black & White e.p. 


A Thought 1X: Playing along with the Jubilee...

Jeffery Page

A Thought 1X: Playing along with the Jubilee...

I obviously have continued to listen to a world and now starting to shut off. Things are doing better as I explore more with my friends and family. I feel as if the Jubilee is beginning. This time I'm playing along with the Jubilee. This could be fun. No more inhibitions. No more feelings of doubt. Just a level of knowledge POW. Learning, Living and Laughing. All the A,B,C's. With that in mind it's time to lose it. Everyone else has. I need a sip of this warm coffee. You should to. Cheers to another day above ground. The ever continuous effort to become a survivor. Enjoy - Jeffery Page 


"Light as a feather, stiff as a board." - Jeffery Page

"Light as a feather, stiff as a board." - Jeffery Page