The Artwork of Jeffery Page
Art, Writing and Tattoos



It was the summer of 2003 and I just got done hanging out with Alan Forbes.  He had given me a Windsor & Newton series 7 brush and told me to use it for lining anything and everything.

It might of taken a while until it was really used except during this evening I got a text to do a flier for one of my favorite local bands Western Waste and even bigger band. 

So I was in and Alan said thats great. You can use it on that. I got home early that next morning making coffee thinking things were going to go as planned. Well I have to say the first part of it did. I came up with a drawing which I felt at the time had meaning and homage to what I was trying to convey. 

Inking with a brush however when you are use to the weight of pushing down is a whole other can of worms.

Regardless, I started feeling more comfortable with it. However, during that time I was really bad at leaving art next to liquids. So this wonderful poster flyer I was inking became a tragedy. This was not of my doing though. 

My cat Dyna jumped up on the desk showing that trait of curiosity. Just as I was able to see the events that were about to happen I watched the series of unfortunate and fortunate events unfold. Knocking over a shot glass 3/4 full of talens black ink splashed over the center of the poster. 

Within a moment it was destroyed without even seeing the light of day. Trying save pieces of paper and in the moment of rage I grabbed what ended up being a toothbrush dipping it violently in the spilled ink like trocar and proceeded splash it around on the sheets of pale arches watercolor paper. 

What came out of it was a collection of Rorschach style pieces. All drawn with passion and a simple beauty of a few brush strokes playing with the minds perception of contrast and thoughts. Which I guess now has become the art I call Tooththbrush Drawings. - Jeffery Page