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A Thought: 1Q: Being Smarter and Active... I guess social.

A Thought: 1Q: Glad I have not missed much since I have dove deep into a rabbit hole escaping the amount of pointless gibberish these days that are being posted so rapidly. I hope you all remember that your thoughts are powerful but only you can put those thoughts forward by actions. If you truly believe in your ideas, thoughts and personal beliefs. Well I suggest you get up and be more active as obviously your hashtags "I'm with Her" did not work. Remember freedom of speech is great. However, change requires action. That first change should be within you. Slandering, ignorance, and hate doesn't make you better. It just lumps you in the same group that supposedly you oppose. May all of you start using that mind to be smarter setting better examples for our children and others. Leading requires so much more than being in charge. It requires learning, knowledge and most of all thinking. So if you think something is wrong with our country as I do. Start today. Really think of your actions. Does it really help? Am I really doing anything? In most cases you will know passing notes and alternative news on social media is just perpetuating the cycle and the answer is NO. However, to correct these problems we must start by being active, talking in person, being respectful and last but not least by being most of all smarter than our opponents on the ideas we argue. I hope you all check out of social networks to be more social these upcoming years so in 4 years I don't have to listen, read or feel the negativity of this cesspool we have created. We need to have better candidates to vote for in our elections and that starts with "YOU". Have a great day. Cheers sincerely Me aka Jeffery Joel Page

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