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A Thought: 1s: Equality is a figment of imagination.

You are what you are. Nothing more. Nothing Less. Even in this day and age we are not all equal. Equality is something I find to be a lie. Am I serious? Yes, I am. Equality is a figment of your imagination.

Forgive me for being blunt. We will never all be equal. Some of you may disagree. Unfortunately, you are wrong if you do not agree.  Of course this is not an attack on your race or religion. It is also not an attack on your sex or sexuality.  It is just a realistic view on equality while questioning your belief on equality.  Truly if we were all equal we’d never need money. We would not have the rich or the poor. Do you really believe the wealthy would ever step down from their status to make us all equal? You know they would never do that. If they did however that would mean plastic smiles and a cookie cutter society. Therefore causing a mundane world. Like Eden it would not survive mankind. Since there would be a selfish person wanting more.

Like Eden it only takes one person's desire for their own selfish needs to mess up a paradise. Proving secretly that people desire inequality for their own benefits. I unfortunately grew up seeing things from a perspective that reflected this nature. That is why I believe someone will always want 1 apple more leaving someone with none. A frame of mind that sees human beings as always being selfish.  I see countless examples of this living in Los Angeles daily. My neighborhoods were never equal. None of my friends or family members have been or will be equals . We might pretend to be equals. However, that is a lie. Our status has always been a downfall to equality in our society. Think of your habitat, your vehicle those alone label your rank. We live in hierarchy system that unfortunately has existed in all civilizations throughout history.

History shows us having a hierarchy system is part of a working society. There has always be a leader inheriting the role of being in charge. Having someone dictating rules will always lead to making things unfair.  Not even if you inherit, work, or win money will you ever be equal. You might try to argue it. However,  the reality of maintaining enough income for your life alone is unlikely in the grand scheme of things. Now add your friends and family along for the ride. That now is a nearly impossible task to take on. Making the weight of responsibilities unfair. Therefore contradicting your theory continuing the fight of equality for “Everyone” . Which technically concludes equality is a losing battle.

Like all battles there is something is at stake. Unfortunately this battle is just false propaganda for the unfortunate.  A sense of faith for the hopeless. The true battle of equality revolves around money. That reality is money won't give up money. The Majority of the poor will always be poor. Even Angelina Jolie can not adopt enough children or donate enough money to make a dent. We will never be equal. We will never be the same. Even identical twins will be different. No matter how hard we try we can't change the facts. One fact is money causes inequality.

Now, When looking at facts we must look at science and math. So with that in mind take a 100 men born in 1984. Not even two in a hundred are the same. They will never be the same. They will never be equal. It’s just facts. We may lie to ourselves and truly act as if they are same. That technically would only be a lie or what we now call alternative facts. The problem with facts is that they are exactly that, Facts. We are not equal. We will never be equal. None of us will ever have the same DNA.

The realization of not being equal is not the end of the world. It does not mean we must give up on humanity or the world. In conclusion the reality of equality would just make us all lazy. We need to have a winners. Just like there must be losers. We need all willing participants. Only through these victories and failures we become a better individual. Having  goals to drive us to being better is our primal urge. In the land of capitalism and narcism you must accept failure to survive. Life is unfair. That's just life. Therefore leaving in conclusion the only thing that could truly help all humanity is freedom to all humans beings. This alone would make this world a better place tenfold.

Freedom unfortunately does have flaws. We all have had too much freedom at some time teaching us a lesson the hard way. Sometimes these consequences make us not equal. Sometimes we can lose our rights for these actions of freedom. Either way freedom allows for free thinking. This also causes inequality in the long run. Freedom to have experiences heightens our need to feed our superiority complex. Sharing these experiences subconsciously make us feel better than those around us. I know personally have to work on this day in and day out.  Especially since I have freedoms and privileges others don't.  Which is something I truly am grateful for.  Never have I taken inequality lightly. We are all one coin toss away from either side of the spectrum.

Tossing a coin wishing for a little faith in humanity is something I've always done even in the darkest times. I know that wishing wells are about as realistic as magic. However, I do have faith in being optimistic. If we become more present and honest with ourselves we can do better for all mankind. Equality however is just a figment of our imagination.  Only true honesty about who we are will help us.

So when staring into a mirror do not do it to self loathe rather do it to self reflect. I have seen how inequality has made me a better person. I can truly look at where I have been and how important it all was. Which allows me to focus on today. Therefore coming to this conclusion on equality. I see that I am truly not perfect. Yet, the fact is I am truly not equal either.  Most likely in my lifetime I doubt to ever see this change. Especially since I do not believe in being equal. Although good news is tomorrow I can change to be better for myself. Not for anyone other than me.  Although I will still be in the same boat as I have always been. Which is only a human trying to rationalize the irrational state of being. Freedom is the only true equality.


-Jeffery Page