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Jeffery Page Rates are as follows:

$175 per hour all new projects

$200 per hour for any coverup

Please Discuss Rates for existing work with Jeffery.

Theses Rates are Valid through Jan 1st 2017

$100 Deposit required for all appointments, deposit goes towards tattoo. All cancellations without 24hr notice will forfeit deposit.

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California Gold Tattoo

3321 W Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles CA 90026


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3321 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90026
United States


Jeffery Page Los Angeles Tattooer and artist. official website, book appointments, purchase artwork and schedule consultations.

Specializing in traditional, black and grey tattooing.

Coverup and reworking old tattoos available. Please contact with any questions and inquiries.





A Thought: 1T: Technology in the hands of idiots

Jeffery Page

For the record. I have no angst against technology. However, like all technology it can be used incorrectly when it falls in the wrong hands. I feel like I have heard this time and time again that I must be crazy. However, I took my lessons from Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Rod Serling and Stan Lee. So when I say Technology is breeding idiots. Well I am 100% sure of it. Just because you can operate a death ray doesn't mean you should use it. If you don't understand ethics, capitalism, history and economics then I rest my case. These are things that were taught for a reason. Hence why all craftsman know the truth about any apprenticeship. You may all take short cuts. You may all have 15 minutes of fame. However, if you are not thinking about your species or any others past tomorrow. Then you definitely are in my books a problem. Just an update about my thoughts on today's society. Cheers.


Ps. For any of you tattooers using anything not made by tattooers. This is obviously something you should think about. Some of these companies only care about prostituting you out.


So for Jeffery's Final Thought. "If you're not pimpin'. You're sucking DICK." - Jeffery Page


New shirts with that saying coming this month. Keep Checking at