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Fuck It! It's a way of life...


Fuck It

What is “Fuck It?”

It is an attitude. Everyone has it from time time to time. So people have it all of the time. I Believe saying , “Fuck it” is necessary to get through the day. No fucks given. So many people worry. Wether it’s time. Money. Life. Choices. Love. It doesn’t matter. Fuck it. As soon as you do. Life becomes so much easier. I hope you support this attitude. It’s to get somewhere you will let go. You will have to learn to say, “FUCK IT.” Have a nice day. Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Page


FUck it!, will be a continuos look on my version of an ad campaign in something I believe. Keep living the dream. Me.

To be put on a list for limited “FUCK IT” Gear. Send an email to be notified. Also keep checking back on this blog and the store. Keep on Keeping on. I know you hate it while I love it. It’s all perception. Fuck IT!