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Jeffery Page Los Angeles Tattooer and artist. official website, book appointments, purchase artwork and schedule consultations.

Specializing in traditional, black and grey tattooing.

Coverup and reworking old tattoos available. Please contact with any questions and inquiries.


The Land of Pageia




The Land of Pageia

Jeffery Page


The Land of Pageia.

The land of Pageia is a land of time ago. Then again it maybe something present. It could even be just a figment of our imagination of what the future holds. It is a time that no time exist. It is a time where everything imaginable can be in coexistence. However it is still a land or wonders and horrors. It is the land of PAGEIA.

The Discovery of PAGEIA

In 1977 Jeffery Joel Page found Pageia. In the land before Pangea it existed. This book Jeffery inherited from a Great-Grandfather of the last name Miller, Lonnie he found the stories that existed within it. Some stories were similar yet there were also new and much older ones. This book contained stories of an Argos of Pageia. Argos was a scholar who held wisdom and secrets of the universe. After taking Argos as a literal figure he worked on deciphering the codex with ancient references to all civilizations that have existed before and all of those we have known after. Some references are even made to the Holy Grail, The Fountain, A mask of Jade and other treasures. The most puzzling references are made of other cultures, civilizations and stories yet untold or even discovered. Tales of mythical creatures, secret societies and strange cultures. This is the beginning of this time which is before time itself. As this land of Pageia was finally confirmed. The first artifact was found just the outside of an undisclosed location in California in July of this year. This has led to the even newer discoveries found regularly. As the collection grows so will our updates. What is to be announced will always be historical.

To be put on the Land of Pagiea mailing list Please send an email to with PAGEIA in the header.

Always Continue to check back for updates. This being the first of the Land of Pageia.

Expeditions are led quarterly by Professor Page. Artifacts are key to this journey. Photos are being sent back along.

King Gi Ju Ju was a Ruler in Pageia around 555 B.C

King Gi Ju Ju was a Ruler in Pageia around 555 B.C

Professor Page

Professor Page

Professor Page is currently on expedition to Pageia until Spring of 2019.