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Rape of America

Rape of a AMERICA - (ART SHOW) 2016

(It’s not all Rainbows and Unicorns.)

Riots, War, Injustice, Slavery, Camps, Capitalism, Punishment, Crime, Racism, the Atrocities of Man since the discovery of the new world.

Rape of America is the straight forward look at what we are shown daily. It is the atrocities of human beings. The irrational thinking. Our Psychology.

Why do you think we are all capable of saving and taking a life? Why do you think we all know someone who has done something immoral. Our constant denial of what we will do and have done to all beings is atrocious. Kids starving. Racism. Sexism. Even Murder. Most of it has common threads. Yet some have it has no rhyme or reason. What will happen will be. As time passes most history is conveyed into a bitter sweet pill. The horrors always begin to be stripped down. Let’s face it. Disneyland change the ride Pirates of the Caribbean to be more P.C. However, this is not P.C. You are now trying to change what people see history as by covering it up. Last time I checked pirates were rapists and thieves. Yet it is still a franchise film blockbuster. So what is it we really want. Even football is a common thread to war-games of the past. Maybe not as violent. Yet it is still a wonderful where people still will try to hurt someone violently while millions cheer on. Let’s not forget even MMA. Yes we are civilized. It is our hypocritical state of living. Pluto is a planet. Not a planet. Eat you eggs this way. Don’t stare at television screens. Now stare at even smaller ones. Be a ladies man don’t be a ladies man. Serve man. Hate man. They’re the guiltiest ones. No they are. It is truly WWF of a time before. The politicians who hate each other on T.V. are actually neighbors in the Hampton’s. They all wine and dine in the same restaurants. The fact of the matter is this is dog eat dog world. As long as we have money. We will forever be the same as those pirates. Chasing money. Chasing Fame. Even if we can’t have our "15 minutes of Fame" as Andy Warhol stated. We will have our "15 minutes of Shame” as I am now stating. When we as a country don’t realize our strong we are with all of our differences we will always repeat the same ones. So don’t shoot the messengers. The products of their environment. Learn to continue to grow slowly together. As we all realize Man has tried to kill God. It is only to cover up what the United States of America is known for. Greed. Ego’s. Land of opportunities. It is all stems from the rule of no one is truly equal. One way or another we all are Victims and Perpetrators of a crime. Be aware. Learn from history. There are many reasons why we are the Red, White and Blue. We should never be censored. It is the horrible 1st amendment right.

This is a thought process of an on going series that I will be updating like a journalist. This is my propaganda on society. It is what is the true idea behind America. My assessment of the horrors from the founding of America. It is truly what I am. American. It is the 15 minutes of shame we all will share. It is the 15 minutes of fame we will always have. It is America and it’s cycle of 15 minutes of shame.

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