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A Thought : 1f A new day and a new dollar

A Thought: 1f. Today is a new day and I guess from what they used to say is a new dollar. Where that dollar comes from doesn't event make sense these days so I'm sure that even this saying may be outdated for some of you. That is why it is important to keep your 2 cents. As it might be outdated if your not current. This however could be a penny for my thought so this knowledge I'll give for free. In a time where computers rule the world and supposedly we are sitting pretty high on the food chain it amazes me that I see wild animals as a less of a threat as our so called civilization. So, When the news reports stating "we are divided". I agree under some extent. We are divided. We always have been. It is just not in the way news reports it. I believe our division comes from such a bigger perspective than just Republican and Democrat. Politics hasn't ever got me anywhere other than shunned so I will put this great divide in a whole other perspective as I don't find it to be politics that truly divides us. So for this breakdown i will divide us like this. We have 2 worlds. One internet world. One real world. In these worlds we have constant change. Yet between them there is still a lot of differences. Real world people avoid selfies as this interferes with their daily life. Most people who have this type of life seem to live very happy, only worrying about those that are truly part of their everyday life's. They also believe hard work pays off and focus on "Real" Family and Friends. They believe in the American Dream. They believe in the United States of America. Most could care less about anything that is technically on the internet as they know most of it could be false from what their true reality is. Prime example wikipedia is full of so much scrambled info that really some day maybe even Jack Daniels and Col. Sanders might of served president. Hypothetically speaking that is. Now I find that type of mind frame essential for our world, our country and our state of being. While not all of my family and friends fall into the category it is one that I feel is the most valuable. Which not only makes sense but it makes cents. As for the internet world I will try to keep it short and sweet. The "Internet" world they obviously love sharing themselves selfie and all. It doesn't seem so bad on the surface. However, if you just scratch the surface you see such a disappointment. My introduction to the "Internet" world was in the beginning. I worked for a company called SureNet (Now defunct) who was at one time a competitor with AOL and Netscape. Most likely before any of you were really even using this technology.For me I thought this was going to be my dream world as I've always loved knowledge. Instead of having a set of encyclopedia britannica's or visiting my Grandfather Gary's library I would be able to learn as much as I possibly could at a touch of a button. Now fast forward to today. We have this internet world of where attention is usually about "me". Most people in this world are hustling and self righteous. IT is an ego on a rampage. Almost like watching "WWF" now called "WWE". I see a world that is selfish. It is all about Capitalism and false identity. There is more passive aggressiveness and false information than ever before. Things are regurgitated and reposted. Most done by people trying to get on a hashtag trend bandwagon to collect followers that will never help them in the "Real" world while no one is fact checking their uneducated completely butchered view. If we kept this world as just being "Fake" rather than the "Internet" a supposed place for meeting of the minds I would probably be ok with it. Unfortunately I see a bigger world of cons. Yes people make money this way but in reality it's pretty easy to realize the Iron Shiek or Sgt. Slaughter were just role playing. We even had parents in the "Real" world that would remind us that it is entertainment. However, in this "Internet" world there are no moderators. We have false identities running on full ego trip. Most flashing their whole life savings in a wad for a selfie to seem as if they are rich. My thoughts are usually you know gold trumps cash right? I know supposedly I'm hating which means I would be jealous. Though I'm sorry that is not even close to the truth. So even those that are not really glorified characters of their own imagination still fall into this trap. For example if you are a Trump supporter and you talk about making America Great again. Well that's cool. However, how many items do you really buy that are "Made in America" ? Just that alone could help. As for Hillary supporters. Your not off the hook either in this internet world as you are feeding into this as well by buying into passive aggressive hits towards Trump. Let's face it that is not to hard to do. Either way these candidates are nothing more than pawns in game we all are getting caught up in. The fact is is you are stating a fact you should check it out. Do your research. Be someone of true value. These 2 worlds could exist if we kept the same rules in then. However there are two sets of rules. That is why we are divided. We can not all see the common factors in life. We should value honesty. We should value friendship. We should should honor our planet. If you want to make "America Great again" go back to using your mind and spending it in the "Real" world. Stop feeding into this raging fire.

I either see suffering or people pretending they are not. We are all in this world together and if one person is suffering then we all are. Our division is only for someone else benefit. It's all like a bad divorce.


I am not being the pot calling the kettle black as we all are guilty. It is the day and age we live in. However, anyone arguing for making America great again. Well seriously to do that it starts with "YOU".


I sincerely hope you all have a great day and do something positive for someone you love. That will make a great start for a new day. Sincerely your friend... Me aka Jeffery Joel Page

A tribute to Bukowski. Charles Bukowski. Bluebird

A tribute to Bukowski. Charles Bukowski. Bluebird

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