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A Thought: 1c. Sunday Morning Megaphone and Vans

A Thought 1c. - Sunday morning wake up calls by megaphone are annoying. I understand I live in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Yes, we get marches, parades and sometimes protests. This however is a rant of just common sense. If it's Sunday and you are standing in line from 7am-9am outside of a shoe store on 9th and Main in Los Angeles to get a pair of limited shoes. Well, I'm sorry you are pathetic. It's fascinating the corporate commercialism machine has trained you to make you think it is cool. As I look down from the Penthouse floor at you it makes you look like cows ready for slaughter. These observations are all being made as I sip my coffee. Watching these cattle as they anticipate the shoe store guy shouting their number through a megaphone with Flavor Flav envy is fascinating. That stuff however is not my point. My point is shut up when your number isn't called. Don't cry, scream, bitch out loud. Accept the fact you are a LOSER. I'm sorry you we're not taught there are no losers in baseball. The fact is Vin Scully would tell you there are losers and technically you lost. So go home. Stop Yellin. As really what you loss is all in perspective. The only thing I can say you truly lost is your time. That is not as bad as those who technically managed to get there early enough to get one of the golden tickets. That loss however I'll chalk up to their $500 + (Time Spent) limited edition kicks they will now some how destroy as they walk these Downtown Streets that are covered in Blood, Urine and other bodily substances. - "WALK THIS WAY, TALK THIS WAY" - I'll stick with Vans slip ons. Classics never die... Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Joel Page

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