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A thought: 1d. Being Different

A Thought: 1d - I can never act like someone else. I can never be anything but myself. I unfortunately have really volatile relationships because the way I am. I am a passionate person who sees things quite differently. Most things I see are on repeat. It is hard for me to ever give credit for something that has already been done. Especially if it's your job. It's not like that I have a problem with our repetitive nature. It's in our DNA to constantly regurgitate stuff. It is life. I conform slightly to be a part of civilization. Though in all actuality I wish I was not. From time to time my thoughts feel as if all of this is just a bad dream. We are all different. Why must we all expect to be the same. It starts as early as school. If you don't wear what's cool. Well you're not cool. It now seems to be the norm even in adult life. I am not living in the past. I just learn from it. However, education is something we are all truly lacking. If people did their homework we all could be further along. My mind, my empathy, my feelings know that still overall this a horrible way to live even as I perpetuate the cycle by sharing this thought. If I could lie about who I truly am I could be probably a lot happier. Then again I'd also probably want to kill myself. I guess really I just miss individuality. I've always been an S.A.T. question. Which Asshole does not belong. On that note. I'm going to attempt to check out. Have a great day and hopefully you let out your true inner qualities as that makes you better at least in my eyes... Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Joel Page

Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized. Albert Einstein


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