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A Thought : 1b. No excuse but living life.

-A Thought: 1b - Waking up this morning just to say hello before the check out. Sitting from a laptop sipping my last cup of coffee before a few hours of drawing some tattoos. I just wanted to say it is nice to see friends, family, and hopefully you on such a more continuous basis as it makes for greater life. The balance of real life, Love, work, goals, desires, animals and just my own personal endeavors always seem to occupy my time a lot more these days as the seem to be so much more important. I truly don't to get to see all of you as much for that and I apologize. As I try not to spread myself too thin. Plus let's face it. Relationships go both ways. Not too mention it has been the same number since I was 17. (Thank You Rodney Wirtz for being a pal. See tomorrow) It also has been on almost every card I ever had. So just saying use the Cellphone. Your smartphone can operate as one. However, I find it amazing how people act or feel I'm untouchable. I admit I don't share personal stuff as much as some people do. So you might not know what's going on. That is not my fault. I'm living. I even started leaving my phone at home. I don't nee a picture. Someone else took it. I don't need to post about it. Someone else did. If somehow that didn't happen. Well chances are I'm with awesome friends, family or clients and we are too busy to share. So I guess all in and all. I'm trying to say. My phone number has been the same number for over 20 years. I'm not so old I won't text. However, if it is important call. If you want to hang out. Say when. If you want to get tattooed. You know the drill. If you don't get me. Leave a message. I am not just calling back for a missed cal. With a few of my friends that could just be an ass dial made while partaking in adult activities. If you write a letter you'll get one back. Same with a postcard. Either way. PERSONAL Communication goes both ways. I don't have the Facebook app on my phone. Plus my phone might not even be with me. So on that note. May you all have a great day. Stay Cool as it's already blazing in Downtown LA today. Have a cup of tea, coffee, or a beverage of your choice and cheers to you, to me or just to the day. Love you all. Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Joel Page

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   Ps. Just wanted to share this Hank Williams Sr. portrait I did on Sir Ian Price of the Burgandy Room of Hollywood, CA. Rambling Man. 


Ps. Just wanted to share this Hank Williams Sr. portrait I did on Sir Ian Price of the Burgandy Room of Hollywood, CA. Rambling Man.