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A Thought 1Z: Biting my tongue from expressing my opinion.

A Thought 1Z: On my final thought of this series title "A Thought" I feel I'm constantly speaking my mind when I should just be biting my tongue from expressing my opinions or feelings. It is not that I am a harsh man maybe just more of a callous man. It's not that I know all. I am just observant in watching human nature. I am not always right however the majority of the time it's just these observations that I have seen over and over again proving we all work mathematically on some levels. Which in most cases you can work out an equation based on any individual to have a pretty accurate hypothesis on an individuals reaction. Most of us have a structure were we are redundant day in and day out. The only time this equation is varied is when emotions and opinions become involved. Those are the variables that will interfere with any logical thinking. That is were I run into problems. When you listen to someone speak most people only want to be heard. So with that in mind I may need to go to be very vague like Warhol. I am an artist. I should only speak through my art. No more expressing my feelings, emotions or opinions through conversation. Especially via social media. Maybe this is due to our lack of communication and understanding then again maybe it's just... Me aka Jeffery Page

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