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Livin' the Dream aka L.T.D followed by some P.M.A

When it comes to living’ the dreamin’ I am. I can never think I am not. I am fortunate to be doing what I have for so long. I am health, my wife, my talents and my friends. I believe in this statement and always will. However, over the last few years I believe I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in other people’s crap. So as a reminder of who I am I must remind myself I am Livin’ the Dream and I’ve also got that P.M.A. which means Positive Mental Attitude. I do believe we do “HATE”. We all do. Yet what I hate is not a general statement. It’s really just ignorance that I hate. So on that note remember I am and always will be livin’ the dream. Never could I not be anywhere worst than where I came from. So cheers to a great night and remember to Live the Dream. Your Dream. As for me I live mine. Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Page