The Artwork of Jeffery Page
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Painting, Thoughts, and Patience.

 It is September 8th, 2016, currently the Sandlot is on in the background. I'm sipping on some wine from Santa Cruz while the loving eyes from Sabine and Charlotte my dogs watch above their plateau of pillows observing my every move. As I edit paintings, photos and tattoos to be posted on the world wide web. I am sitting here listening to the building of friendships and memories of someone else while it has struck a chord of my own reflection. That reflection is of the one I currently stare at. It is a man throughout a world of blue who still see's the bright side in this dark world. I reflected upon this and the time to realize that the true meaning was just "Hope". This memory is now part of a collection of a good friend Rodney Wirtz's collection. This piece was painted as my first real acrylic painting with underpainting during a time of disbelief. I had conflicts with business, life, and the world. I honestly felt the empathy of my surroundings as never before. During this time I lived in Hollywood, California and we were ending our reign under George W. and my friend Steven Daily asked me to be part of the group show "Gag me with a Toon 3". This was my submission that was featured in the LA WEEKLY. Stay tuned or tooned as the patience of my current thoughts will be shown through painting. Sincerely Me your friend Jeffery Page