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A Thought: 1a. Social Media Plateaus and a fallen society.

A THOUGHT: Nothing is crazier than the illusion that you are not crazy. Facts. You know it because I know it. Either you're my family which means I'm the apple that didn't fall to far from the tree. You could also be my friend so we crossed paths and even walked along the same path which at times I definitely know were crazy. Now for those who follow me as a fan, a stalker, a voyeur, and/or as a test subject well I think the answer is pretty black and white. We are all in the same boat. I just wish that boat was more like the Love Boat. Being at true peace with one another is such an easy concept. Share true positive mental attitudes. Being present in ones lives with phone calls, written words, or being actually present within the company of others. Then again maybe I'm crazy to feel that even the Aboriginals of Australia who are now considered the oldest civilization to date by D.N.A. records proves to make something truly concrete. You must create a foundation. To leave it carved, written, sculpted on something that will last as we won't. Our children are the true future. Your money is not. Your knowledge is. The most powerful things need to be left to stand time. Even as I type this. This plateau will change and this note to all of you as true genuine thought of mine will be lost sooner than sand castles on a stormy day. I just hope we all survive the storms. Have a great day and truly reach out to touch someone today in a way to leave something positive. As you truly control the CHAOS. May this thought hopefully stay with you longer than this unrest humans are teaching our children. Take care Sincerely yours truly Jeffery Joel Page

Ps. I would of sent this to you personally if I knew you'd actually get it.