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Unwritten Law's Scott Russo and Jonny Grill, Cailin Russo, and Family stuff...

We all have people in our life's that cross paths from time to time and then come back again then next thing you know you are basically family. That is the way I feel and am with the Russo family. Scott Russo and I have crossed paths time an time again from our culture to our friends. If you are not familiar with Scott he is the man behind Unwritten Law a pop punk band from Southern California which I knew from an album titled "Blue Room" from decades ago. That however, Is nothing compared to his album release titled "Elva" with the Hit Song titled "Cailin". Little did I know a guy I met a few times at shows, bars and just living life would I ever think I'd be so invested in his family.  I bring this up as times have passed I've been fortunate enough to call his younger brother a friend. Jonny Grill who ended up randomly moving next door to me in Hollywood, CA years ago. I began tattooing him like 2009. Later I also had him play my birthday in his band Sex and Violence which fucking was pretty fucking amazing. Now he is on stage playing with Unwritten Law. Now that we are in 2016 it's obviously been quite awhile. So with friendship family and love combined I believe it has been pretty much solidified with the last session of tattooing. I drew a little rose for there fingers in which we tattooed  it and now it is documented by Cailin Russo (Scott's daughter and International Model) on this rad sweatshirt that I still need to pick up... Thank You all for everything.  Sincerely Me Jeffery

Unwritten Law is currently touring also has a new album "GREAT WHITE"

Calin is pretty much everywhere. 

Check them out. 

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