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A Thought: 1N. The act of chasing money and fame...

A Thought: 1N. The act of chasing money and fame is a dangerous journey. When thinking about careers these days it seems that is all people are passionate about. A status of what others perceive as cool and the money they can make portraying something temporarily. It seems to drive more and more people daily. Let’s face it we all need to make money. In order to do so we have to work. However, you should really be a passionate person about whatever it is you do. I’ve worked crap jobs but I put in a 110%. Most of my friends that artists I know have done the same.  That make me/us appreciate the fact we are working artists. It was not really something I thought was even possible for myself as I always just had a compulsion to draw. It never was driven by money. I did not go to art school. I did not even have artists in my family. That though never was a reason to stop or continue. It was and has always been just something inside of me. It was a desire, a compulsion, a love, as well as an outlet and still is. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to create daily and people appreciate what I do were I would be fortunate to make a living at it. However, it is still only for me as I know nothing else. Even if I was not paid I’d still do it as I always have from my earliest recollections. Though as our world becomes so self absorbed and driven to say , "look at ME ME ME”. It makes me realize though that most of my friends regardless of what artistic endeavor we have chose we all have those similarities and even if we lived on an island and no one would ever see, hear, or acknowledge our art we would still be doing it. It is our “LIFE”. So when I see others who are trying to do something they are truly not even passionate about. It saddens me as the most personal thing to us has become in someways a joke. Regardless of tattooing, painting, music and so on the arts are being lost to the pursuit of the all mighty dollar. Trust me I understand that it makes the world go round. Yet it is not everything. As not all artist make money and what works for me unfortunately does not work for others. Yet, as I see all of these people in the day and age of social media it seems most of the younger generations follow trends. So on this note of trends. Realize, all trends end. Be careful on the path you choose. If you are not passionate about what you do you will fail. As money will come and go. Your true love your true passion will not. So take this as warning as you dive in head first down a rabbit hole. A true artist understands we do it for ourself. Fame comes through your own personal self. Shortcuts are short lived. The biggest fame is becoming a legend. That is usually attained following after DEATH. So good luck. Think before you jump. Realize that in 10 years what seemed to be cool now may just disappear like the dodo. Be true to yourself. Sincerely have a good day. Me aka Jeffery Joel Page



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