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A Thought : 1h. To Serve, Protect, and what is right.

 As I slowly sip away at my tea in a cup that has a sailboat and lighthouse on it. I see the comfort in knowing there are beacons of light everywhere. Even as sailors lost at sea sometimes need direction. Sometimes we as citizens do to. If not we can lose sight of our destinations and even can end up in life treating situations or just lost at sea so to speak. However, when we are lost we need to take charge of our own actions and do what we need to do so we prevail to get back on course. If we do not take charge we can lose everything. So when you step up to a be a Captain you also need to make sure you are taking care of your ship and crew. So let’s sail abruptly to the main idea behind my metaphors as we are all in the same boat.

Reflecting upon the mass police shootings and angry protestors I do feel as if I am just a crew member on a ship with too many Captains. We have people who want to take the helm but really have no sailing skills. Almost half of the protestors I see and hear from are just stowaways. They are portraying themselves as sailors when they have no clue even what a cleat hitch or a bowline is. By that I mean they lack knowledge to even be Captain. Really most people don’t want to be Captain. Really most people don’t want any responsibility. If they did we would not have so many animals and kids that are discarded daily. Not to mention we probably would not have so many protest as people might take responsibilities for their actions. I admit that when any officer of the law receives their badge they agree “To Serve and Protect” they volunteered to own up to all their actions and “To Serve and Protect” the people. That also does not mean the people can continue causing more situations for them to do so. El Cajon unfortunately is a prime example of that. We all agree that “Some” Police Officers have over stepped their boundaries. I know I have been those situations personally. I know a few cops and yeah some I find to be molotov cocktails. They are trained to think and use logic. However, that is not always the case. I have been held at gun point three times by LAPD or Torrance Police so far in a life time. I also believe because of my stature sometimes they are already on high alert. Which to me is quite ironic as I’m the last one to really want to make shit hit the fan. I know my anger. I know my issues. I know how I can be the HULK. Most fights I’ve been in I just try to wether the storm as truly I don’t want to kill someone because someone else is having a bad day. I have no bad days that would ever want me to lose my freedom. I also personally know my strength and my pain tolerance. If half of the people who had problems with me actually knew me. They would of probably thought twice. I could easily be a Dexter. It however is the reason why I draw, write and play music. I have seen more detain my lifetime than more than 97% of you. That is why I believe in using your brain. As these 3 situations could of gone extremely wrong if my actions were different. Especially if I had reacted as some of these victims in any of these office involved shootings the last few years. As a citizen you must show respect to get respect as well. That is the only reason why I’m still here to share these situations.

One of the first times I actually had multiple Officers draw guns on me is when I was cruising down Lomita blvd. in Torrance, CA. It was a great sunny afternoon and I was in slip ons, some op’s and a hang ten polo shirt. I was driving an 85 Monte Carlo on Dayton’s that made Denzel Washington’s car in training day look a grandma’s car. It was a beautiful blue metallic flake lowrider. However, The only thing the officer saw a shaved head and the make of the car in which was also ironically enough a same description of an armed robbery that happened in the area. As he passed by heading east as I was heading west. He took a u- turn getting behind me and hitting the lights. This obviously was not my first rodeo. Most of the cars I had in the past probably resemble most gang members vehicles or just said, “Pull Me Over". What can I say? I’m from Los Angeles. It’s my culture. Regardless, I pulled over. Turned off the vehicle. and patiently waited with my hands on the steering wheel. I always did this as an officer is always on alert and I rather them know that I am working with them to just get what needs be done so we get on our way. However, at this time I did not realize the call he got over the radio. So as patiently waited 2 other squad cars came barreling down the street blocking me in as all officers finally got out with their guns drawn. Needless to say. I fit the description. At least until I had to exit the vehicle and lay down on the street. They didn’t over react. Then again I didn’t react either. After being handcuffed set on the curb they checked me out. They apologized. I get it. As that is what they are there for. They were looking for someone else. However, even at that time I looked like a million other knuckleheads. I had a shaved head. I was Pelon. I was in Torrance. Most guys that fit my description were assholes. Even one of the officers laughed with afterwards as he said, "When you got out in the clothes you were in I realized this was not our guy”. But they could only see me from the neck up. Tattooed and Shaved head. I get it. But I didn’t move fast. I did what the said. Months later I ended up tattooing 3 out of the 6 of them. I didn’t even do the crime and it paid.

The second time was little different. I was out with a bunch of friends in Hollywood. As most people know that place can get really crazy one especially on this weekend. At any rate we were out drinking a few blocks from my house. This time I was in a suit and tie while most of friends looked as if they were extras in Suburbia or the Decline of the Western Civilization. As we were drinking in a bar on the patio I witnessed a man shot within 20 ft of me as the patio was on a very busy Hollywood Blvd. As I went the opposite of gunfire I found myself exiting through a hallway toward the back exit. Fist were flying and people running. Obviously it was not a good situation. Me personally had nothing to do with it. However, Police officers were quick to respond. As it was total chaos I went to exit out the back door of the bar to be met at gunpoint. There officers said freeze. I froze. I was asked to get down. I did. When the dust settled. 2 people were actually shot upon the street and 1 person stabbed. Yet everyone was a threat as it was total chaos. The officers had reacted and no one even had a problem with their actions. Probably because the took care of what they had to do by assessing the situation and reacting by trying to defuse the situation using their head not their emotions. I could of been easily shot running out that back door if one of those officers just squeezed accidentally. We only had 10ft between us in an extremely dark alley parallel to Hollywood Blvd. I scared the shit out of them when that door flung open yet they did not shoot. It was only 2 seconds for them to respond and could of been a coin toss. If I was shot I could understand why. I did not look like anyone in that location and I was exiting the back door as shots were still being fired in the front. Glad they did not. However, If I was in their shoes I could honestly say just my reaction could of been different. As I’m sure you could say the same.

The very last time I have had officers pull guns on me was very recent. I currently live in Downtown Los Angeles. My wife’s studio is 2 blocks from our loft. Every evening I walk these 2 blocks usually in lounging clothes consisting of slip-on vans, shorts, and a t-shirt. I just had taken a shower so I was shower fresh. Didn’t look like anyone who even was speed walking. As I proceeded to head south on Broadway to the studio I had just crossed Olympic. I managed to get about two store fronts from the corner before a L.A.P.D. squad car pulled up behind me and an officer jumped out slammed me up against a metal security roll down gate pulling his gun. I went to turn around as I dint even know what the hell was going on and he told me to shut the fuck up. Amazed as I was only 6 doors from the studio and I ddi nothing wrong I was extremely baffled trying to get an answer. His only reactions were aggressive. The other officer got out of the car and the first one slammed be again up against the gate and proceeded to pat me down. He asked where I was going and tried to explain to my wife store was like right there. However, because I fit a description of a robbery suspect running down a street 8 blocks the other way which I only found towards the end of the situation he treated me like this. IT was so not cool. It was a month after Ferguson incident. After they realized I was not the guy. I explained to the officer that is the reason people are gunning for them. He was not cool. He was not professional. Technically he should not be on the force. It was not like I even ran. I didn’t even see him coming. I also explained I am a business owner. My Wife is a business owner. It is officers like him that cause these issues. I was definitely shaking a little more than all of previous life threatening situations as I have a wife that I love. Which to me is a lot to lose. So Going back to earlier. If you want “RESPECT” you must also give it.

So as I look at all of these situations I personally have lived through and the ones going as far back as written record. We have always had problems with over reacting. If we are superior beings being Human. Then why do we not think about our actions. I have been guilty of things. I’ve also been not guilty. Regardless is to look at facts and not bringing baggage and emotions to the situation. Regardless of all my personal situations they could of been different if I reacted different. I’m not saying every situation is fare or right. However, if you believe in right or wrong. You believe in law and order. You want peace. You should first find it within yourself and think about your actions. Bringing down your neighborhood to make a statement doesn’t help. You have a right to speak you voice. Although if you do so. Think about using your voice. Don’t escalate and perpetuate a cycle that we’ve seen time and time again really does not work. Most of the protestors I see don’t even know what they are really yelling. As for El Cajon. I am sorry. Yes losing any life sucks. However you can not protest “Hands up don’t shoot”. There were no hands up. He actually pulled something that looked as if he was going to shoot. I understand he was mentally ill. However so is Charles Manson. Even If I was reacting in that way and pulled an object fast pointing it at any officer in any of my situtaions. Well I would of been shot as well. That however would of been because of my actions. Me being me I know I would be very saddened knowing my death had erupted into violent and destructive protest to my community. When technically I should of just laid down. We can not keep bending truth to justify our actions. If you want to do that go be a politician so we can hold you under a microscope as I guarantee most protestors couldn’t even state all the names of the people involved. So watch out for misinformed bias opinions from others who just like to “Keep It Real”. Martin Luther King, Jr, Albert Einstein, Rod Serling, and even good ole Snoop Dogg understand. If you have a message use your words. Use your thoughts. Use your Mind. Take Care and be smart and be safe. Sincerely your friend Me aka Jeffery Joel Page.

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