The Artwork of Jeffery Page
Art, Writing and Tattoos



This is the diverse tattoo portfolio of Jeffery Page. In this portfolio you may see the rare abilities of Jeffery. He is capable of creating original and unique tattoos while also tattooing all styles known to the art of tattooing. Unlike most tattooers Jeffery has taken the time to learn from many masters and contemporary artist in order to give any individual a tattoo that they want. With that in mind that is what drives Jeffery to become a rare tattoo master. His unique abilities and broad knowledge of all art forms has made him one the very few artist in today’s tattooing that commands respect. He does not specialize in one style as his desire and appreciation of the true art of tattooing. It is this desire that pushes him to become one of the few to specialize in making tattoos for all of his clients, friends and family regardless of style or size. For all inquiries please contact