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This is the Tattoo Flash Sheets Gallery of Jeffery Page. This gallery is consider to be the wonderful art known to tattooers worldwide as to be tools of the trade called “Flash”. Flash Sheets were made to adorn the walls of tattoo shops or were carried from city to city to give clients a design to chose in which the artist would then apply as a tattoo. There have been many ways over the decades on how these have been done. However, Jeffery continues to keep this tradition alive by averaging a few a year. Not all the sheets he has done are in this gallery as some have been gifted or sold to shops worldwide. His unique style and interest are always shown through these sheets of things he enjoys to tattoo. This gallery will always be added to as he continues to grow and explore. If you would like to get one of these designs tattooed Jeffery will always be happy to do so. Just email to book an appointment.  We also have prints and original sheets for sale in the shop.