The Artwork of Jeffery Page
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Amore Page


The Ink Drawings Gallery is pretty much just drawings with primarily one color of ink. Within this gallery I have provided a very diverse use of many different Inking techniques and subjects. I find this to be pretty much my first love. It is was got me back to exploring different levels and failures of art yet at the same time pursuing a collection to show. This is what I have always found to be my first and foremost influence. Wether it be engraving, woodblock printing, screen printing, comics, cartoons, punk rock flyers the passion of black on white paper creates the most simplistic creation capturing everything as a hieroglyphic or a petroglyph. Yet at the same time attempt to pull something off so elaborate that it stuns it's audience. Either way it will always be a daily task to use this medium in any shape and form. Just as the Toothbrush Drawings Gallery. At any rate Thank you for looking. Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Page

Ps. There are some originals and other goodies in the shop. Thank You