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When It All Comes Crashing.

When it all comes crashing is my observational look at water and the California lifestyle I have grown up with. Born in Torrance, Ca in October of 1977. From that moment forward I have seen things that have shaped my life. From my perspective I watched as things are constantly repeating as waves crashing. All very similar yet all have subtle changes. From the desert to the sea. I was dehydrated, starved, tossed to wolves and left for the sharks. It is probably overall a look on a metaphor for life. It is the most valuable and overlooked commodity on this planet. We all need it just as much as oxygen. It ranges in value based on pure economics. When it all comes crashing is a look at the repetitive in our life. Our society. Maybe even our fear. Which to me the reason I feel the Ocean and Space all can decide our fate based upon the power of water.