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Morning Coffee Projects . Cheers


Morning Coffee Projects are exactly just that. Projects usually as a warm up for the day. I started probably doing these before I drank coffee however they were probable not actually called those until probably the summer of 2011. From that point forward I probably started using them by that name. Overall the projects known as morning coffee projects were the beginning of my self discipline to always be working and learning. I guess a self schooling. Most of my art career has been self taught. That summer was a realization. It could of been because it was a year were Steven Daily, Daniel Quintana and I probably even shared ideas over coffee as we were all pretty close. It was then I started incorporating it as class. Usually in the morning some people get ready, some people read the paper. I however started just sketching with what was out from the night before. Sometimes it seemed as if it was still just a dream other times it was in regards to the news. Either way I just compiled drawings in ink, watercolor, liquid acrylics and coffee. I guess I also sometimes used tea and blood. Accidents happen. Part of schooling was listening to lectures. Regardless of any teacher or subject there were always accidents. Sometimes happy sometimes sad. This also I guess is why I realized that the news is just like that. So with these morning coffee projects I found it was necessary to let go. Sometimes say fuck it. You are a journalist. You are an artist. You are an observer. Never be afraid to document. Just like a musician or a comedian never be afraid to just say, “ Fuck It.” We all have witnessed atrocities and or day dreamed. I guess that is what these could be. Just a snap shot of opinions. Sometimes just an idea. Maybe just Life. Irrationality of Human Beings. Mother Earth. Just in all moments of my time documenting the world over coffee. I hope you enjoy. Cheers. Sincerely Me aka Jeffery Page

All Morning coffee projects are a continuous series of coffee and journal entries over coffee. Please Keep Checking Back. For interest in purchasing any original please contact or keep checking here on the blog or in the store. Thanks for following. Stay aware. Stay cool. Kids stay in school. Cheers to a morning above ground. Me aka Jeffery Page

I need to make coffee mugs… What will they be???